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Electronic assemblies are critical in the safe and accurate operation of a vast majority of products. We provide all of the services listed below to help you create custom electronics assembly.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Trident Assembly and Design offers PCBA manufacturing solutions that are tailored utilizing our superior production equipment, ranging from simple single-sided assemblies to complicated densely populated fine pitch and BGA surface mount assemblies. We can also provide testing services for PCB assemblies with customer provided test fixtures or we can assist in creating one.

Mechanical Assembly

Our company can also provide mechanical assembly to integrate your electronic design. We can create custom fixtures to assemble and verify your complete product. Choosing Trident Assembly and Design is your one stop for your complete product assembly.

Printed Circuit Board Design Services

We design circuit board layouts using the latest computer aided software. We can provide documentation that contains schematics, assembly, fabrication drawings, as well as PCB design requirements.

Mechanical Design

We offer 3D CAD design and assembly. We can create a 3D CAD design using your specifications or provide a documented design based on a provided sample.

Reverse Engineering

With over 15 years of experience in electronic and mechanical design we can provide you with a duplicate working model. We analyze an existing product to determine how it was manufactured and how it functions by gathering detailed information and specifications. This usually entails disassembly, followed by analysis, measurement, and documentation of the components and creating CAD models and detailed tolerance drawings. We specialize in the redesign of obsolete and difficult to locate sub-assemblies and components for a wide range of applications from telecom to automotive.

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Trident Assembly and Design sets itself apart from the competition by adhering to a near-fanatical commitment to quality. We’re committed to helping you with your project, regardless of size. Please feel free to contact us with your specific needs.

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